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About Breretons from Cheshire and Staffs.
My name is Jeanie Atkins and my maiden name was Brewerton. I have discovered via DNA testing 
that my family relates to the Brereton name. We have connections via DNA to Brereton families 
from Cheshire and Ireland. 

There is a site that relates to the Irish Breretons at
That site has been set up to be a collaborative tree. The aim being to gather many of the Irish 
Brereton trees together and to see if by DNA testing we can find the most recent common 
ancestor of these trees.

Another site, owned by Alyn Brereton, focuses on the Breretons of the surrounding 
areas of Wybunbury, Nantwich.

I am starting this site along the lines of the Irish Brereton site.
I hope that people who can trace their tree to Cheshire will get involved and have a DNA test 
or at 
the very least, spread the word about these projects.

Information. At the moment the DNA results we have show that there are 6 separate Brereton trees. There are two DNA results from the Norfolk line which shows by paper trail a connection to the Breretons of Brereton Hall. There is one sample from Barbados whose family members live in Trinidad. We need another from this family. The 3rd. line is also a single tester of an adoptee from the Harthill tree. The 4th is from the Tarvin tree. This does not match any other tested so far. The 5th tree has fourteen matching samples which have a mixture of trees from Cheshire and Ireland. The 6th tree is from Harold Brereton 1884 whose mother was Alice Brereton We need more tests, particularly from the descendants from Brereton Hall who live in Ireland. If you wish to join in this great adventure and if you are a male Brereton, take a minimum of a Y-37 DNA test and if you are a male or female with Brereton ancestors up to 4th generation then take a family finder test. All tests to be taken via: There is information on all aspects of taking a DNA test in the Stories link at the foot of the home page. DNA tested. Tree: (1) William de Brereton c1176. Brereton Hall, Cheshire x 2. Single testers. Tree: (2) John Francis Brereton, b. 1820’s, West Indies. Tree: (3) Harold Warren Brereton. Adopted. Tree: (4) James Brereton c1799 Tarvin, Cheshire. Tree: (6) Harold Brereton c1884 whose maternal grandfather was William Brereton 1842 Nantwich. Tree: (5) William Brereton c1752 Wybunbury, Cheshire William Brewerton c1765 Shotwick, Cheshire David Brereton c1732 Kings County, Ireland Henry Brereton c1760 Kings County, Ireland. Michael Bruton 1859 Loughrae, Galway, Ireland. Thomas Bruton ? Loughrae, Galway, Ireland. Thomas Brereton c1679 Lisburn, Ireland. James Brereton 1790-1835 Staffordshire or Cheshire. Samuel Brereton 1808 Wybunbury, Cheshire. John Brereton 1596 = Ann Gardner Acton/Bunbury/Harthill. . UNFORTUNATELY WE DO NOT HAVE FUNDS TO PAY FOR DNA TESTS AT THE MOMENT, SO YOU MUST PAY FOR YOUR OWN KITS. However a new fund is just starting. If you wish to donate go to Once we get some money it will be used to part sponser Y-DNA kits.

The trees will be listed in date order rather than place. There is a link to the head of each tree under their name. Some trees have a coloured marker and others have place names next to each name to help identify the tree. William de Brereton c1176 = xxx. Brereton Hall. (Navy) Norfolk line DNA tested Brereton John Brereton 1596 = Ann Gardener. Bunbury/Acton/Nantwich/Harthill. (Aqua) Acton Ralph Brereton 1630-1717 = Mary Unknown. Nantwich. Warrington Thomas Brereton c1650 = Unknown. Wybunbury. (1650) Wybunbury Edward Brereton c1660 = Mary Fletcher. Chester. (Teal) Chester John Brereton c1749 = Betty Edwards. Wybunbury. (Red) Wybunbury William Brereton c1752 = Unknown. Wybunbury. (Yellow) DNA tested Wybunbury Samuel Brereton c1755 Wybunbury. (George=Mary) Wybunbury George Brereton c1775 = Mary Taylor. Wybunbury. (Betley) Betley Ralph Brereton c1775 = Alice Owen. Norton. (Purple) Halton George Brereton c1776 = Mary Jackson. Weston. (Weston) Weston Joseph Brereton c1771 = Mary Hamlet. Sandbach. (Sandbach) Sandbach Thomas Brereton c1790 = Hannah Unknown. Astbury.(Astbury) Astbury Benjamin Brereton c1794 = Ann Furness. Romiley,Hyde, Stockport. (Romiley) Romiley John Brereton c1796 = Ann Potts. Alsager. (Green) Alsager James Brereton c1799 = Ann Unknown. Ashton, Tarvin. (Tarvin) DNA tested. Ashton George Brereton c1799 = Hannah Farrington. Wheelock, Cheshire. (Sandbach x2) Sandbachx2 George Brereton c1800 = Mary Keen. Wybunbury. (Odd Rode) Wybunbury Thomas Brereton c1804 = Frances Forster. Wybunbury. (Wybunbury x 2 ) Wybunbury John William Brereton c1805 = Elizabeth Harding. Adlington. (Biddulp) Biddulp William Brereton 1811 = Julia E Gregory. Wybunbury. (Blue) Wybunbury John Brereton c1820 = Martha Foxley. Wybunbury. Wybunbury John Brereton c1830 (may be the son of George = Mary Keen) = Ann Davies. Astbury. Astbury Collection of Brereton families connected to the district of Stockport, Cheshire. Stockport
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DNA and a good paper trail are important tools to help you connect to your past.

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